Real Estate Action Plans & Lead Follow Up

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We Help Top Producing Agents Convert More Leads to Closings with Amazing Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Get Every Real Estate Drip Campaign & Action Plan You'll EVER Need to Close Some Serious Deals!

  • Complete access to our 300+ piece real estate drip campaign library.
  • Long-Term Buyer & Seller Engagements
  • FSBO & Expired Plans
  • Monthly Newsletters & Holiday Check-Ins
  • Stale Lead Re-Engagement Campaigns
  • Sphere of Influence Touches
  • Post-Close Campaigns
  • Dozens of lessons, worksheets, text campaigns, and more to help you follow up your real estate leads!
Drip It  Good
Drip It Good

Is setup included?

Only for our premium members. Those taking advantage of our flash sale will just get 100%, lifetime access to our content library.

It's easy! If you can copy and paste, you can send our content to your audience. Instructions are provided, no need to learn new software!

How can I be sure your content will match the tone of my business?

We have worked with a variety of teams, so no matter if you’re more conversational, or stick to a more business-style tone, we can create campaigns for you!

So sign up now, and rest assured that you will love what we create!

Are there any ongoing fees?

Absolutely not! Your one-time payment covers everything!

How long is each campaign?

Each campaign typically includes 12 - 20 individual drips, spaced out of over a year, with more diligent follow up during the first part of the campaign. Or, you can choose a more aggressive track, where we email your leads every day for the first few weeks, then space it out after the first thirty days. Post-close campaigns can be spaced out over 3 years, with 3 touches per year after closing. Monthly newsletters provide one-touch every 3-4 weeks for one year.

Can you work with my real estate CRM?

Certainly! Name a popular real estate CRM, and we have installed campaigns in that platform!

What if I do not have a CRM?

No CRM? No problem! You can set up the campaigns in an email marketing platform like MailChimp, Aweber, or Constant Contact.

Our content is copy/paste so it can go into any platform - even just regular email!

How many agents are included?

Please do not share your lesson and content library login information! Your purchase includes one license per team, 10 agents or less.

If you are a large brokerage, real estate CRM, or web development company, contact us for custom setup, content, and pricing. We also have whitelabel and affiliate options.

What if I want just a single campaign?

The benefit of Drip It Good is having access to every drip campaign you’ll ever need, and all campaigns we add in the future! Plus, you’ll have access to our courses that help you get more leads to open your emails, grow your list, and more.

If you do want to commission a custom campaign, send us a message.

Who wrote the copy?

No amateurs here! Each member of our team has years of experience making real estate teams successful.

We have worked not only to write copy for real estate agents, but also create their websites, implement their social media campaigns, and manage their CRM programs. Our founder is the owner of a marketing company, and founder of multiple webinar series and seminars for real estate marketing. We know what works.

Is there someone I can speak with before I purchase?

Sure, if you have any additional questions, contact us here, email us at, or give us a ring at 404-267-0734.

How can you guarantee a lifetime of content?

Our drip campaign library contains over 300 pre-written drips! If you’re sending about two campaigns per month, that’s enough to last about 12 years. Then, we continuously add new content. Each drip is customizable, and we provide a variety of quick, easy-to-use content creation templates that can yield thousands upon thousands of possibilities.

What's Included

Bonus Course: Super-Huge Subject Lines Guide
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